$25 Donation to your choice of 3 local charities covers your ENTIRE first visit!

That includes exam, x-rays if needed, consultation, and treatment!

All that for a $25 donation, get adjusted and help your community.

At Idaho Wellness Company, we specialize in treating neck and back pain, injuries from car accidents, work-related injuries, and routine chiropractic care.

Dr. Jason Syrek, DC, uses spinal adjustments in conjunction with massage, exercises, stretching, and muscle therapy to help relieve pain, improve range of motion, and keep you on the road to better overall health.

In many cases, injury is what brings people to chiropractic care, but keeping your spine aligned as a routine can help prevent back and neck issues, and even boost your immune system.

You may also consider a spinal adjustment if you get frequent headaches, or if you feel like a rib, hip, or even your jaw might be out of alignment. It’s all related!

Idaho Wellness Company is dedicated to your health and well-being. Please call us today!

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