Boise licensed chiropractor

Dr. Jason Syrek

Dr. Jason Syrek is a licensed chiropractor in Boise who believes that the body has the ability to heal itself, if given the chance. Dr. Syrek and his staff use the latest techniques and technology to treat back and neck pain, injuries caused by auto accidents, and work-related injuries.

Dr. Jason has two daughters, and enjoys living the Northwest lifestyle. He is very active and enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, hiking, and even a little rock climbing with his daughters. Dr. Jason believes the entire family, children included, should benefit from the optimal health that chiropractic care provides. After all, being able to enjoy life is no fun if your family is unable to enjoy it with you!


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woman sitting behind desk in office

Clinic Director & Personal Trainer

Makenzie Clark

Makenzie is the Clinic Director here at Idaho Wellness Company and a Certified Personal Trainer. Makenzie’s passion for Anatomy and Physiology has led her to understand the importance of total body wellness and how she can truly make a difference in everyday lives.

She is a 2019 graduate from Central Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and minor in Nutrition. As a new resident to Idaho, she has not had any troubles fulfilling her hobbies such as hiking, hunting, fishing, snowboarding, backpacking and traveling that would be far less meaningful without the company of her partner, Adin and their dog, Polly. Makenzie is inspired by helping others achieve their health and wellness goals to live life both physically and mentally to the fullest!

Makenzie can get you on track to improve your quality of life today and is eager to communicate with you regarding your chiropractic and exercise needs!